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Al Chefs 10 Things To Do On The Outer Banks During Off Season

Have you ever considered vacationing on the Outer Banks during off-season but curious as to what there is to do...? In this blog we will discuss ten incredible, fun filled adventures for the entire family to do. During off season the traffic eases, there are little to no lines at your favorite holy grail restaurants, and not to mention FESTIVAL galore. Without further ado, lets get started.

Duck Jazz Festival- Held annually in the town of Duck is the beautiful, heavily anticipated Jazz Festival. A two day festival filled with sassy music and good vibes. This event is non ticketed and completely free to the public. Food and drink vendors will be on location to fulfill your cravings. Attendees are welcome to bring their own food, coolers, chairs, blankets, and well behaved dogs. Held rain or shine, this event is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Horseback Riding Tours- Once the busy season ends you can enjoy a nice, relaxing saddle back tour through the Buxton Woods Coastal Reserve and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. This tour is perfect for riders of all abilities from beginners to frequent riders.

Visit Our Lighthouses- Spread across the entire Outer Banks are beautiful, historic lighthouses. Spend the day starting from North to South or South to North visiting them all. Make sure to pack water and snacks as for some of these lighthouses are quite the climb to the top.

Drop A Line- The Outer Banks easily has some of the best off-season fishing around. Go to one of the many fishing piers or go stand out on the beach. Drop a line during the off season and figure out for yourself why anglers consider this time of the year the best time to land the big one.

Outer Banks Seafood Festival- Celebrate the history and culture of the Outer Banks by attending the annual Seafood Festival. A one day event held in October hosting the best and most-loved seafood restaurants on the beach. Enjoy culinary experiences alongside chefs and enjoy a cold brew from one of the many drink vendors on site. Once your belly is full of some of the best seafood in the world grab a lawn chair and enjoy some great local music and local art.

Hunt for sea glass- Hunting for sea glass is an easily lovable activity for the entire family. Sea glass comes from a regular shard of glass that has been tumbled by the ocean waves repeatedly making for a smooth, rounded, and 'icy' looking piece of glass. There isn't exactly a science for when and how you can come across sea glass but there are definitely better times for it. During the off-season you'll find that going out on the beach is less of a 'where are we going to sit' situation. With that comes the greater possibility of finding these beautiful pieces of glass.

Nags Head Woods Christmas House- Putting on one of the best light shows for over 37 years, you have to make your way over to the Poulos House. This one of a kind, Christmas tradition is tucked deep into the Nags Head Woods and brings hundreds upon hundreds of guests each and every year. They have hot chocolate, pictures with Santa, an indoor toy exhibit, and much much more. All free to the public. The only thing they ask is that you bring your Christmas spirit.

Spend a night in Rodanthe- Why not leave the family for a night alone to rekindle the love in one of the Outer Banks most famous homes in Rodanthe. Spend the day exploring the empty beaches and the night snuggled up to a cozy, crackling fire. During off season rental prices are typically cut in 1/2 if not more.

Kites with Lights- Come out and enjoy an amazing Christmas light show in the sky featuring giant kites decked out in the holiday spirit. Free for all and priceless memories. Warm up with some hot chocolate and goodies provided by Kitty Hawk Kites. All proceeds will benefit the Beach Food Pantry.

Dine Out- During the busy season it is not uncommon to find yourself with a lengthy wait time at most restaurants. Enjoy a nice, relaxing dinner at the favorite local spots that otherwise are almost impossible to get into.

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