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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Spring Green Can Bring Spring Bling.

So here we are, almost Spring! Wasn't it just a few weeks ago we were celebrating the holidays and the beginning of a New Year? As time goes by, it just seems to move a little bit quicker.

At this time of the year, more people begin thinking about the possibility of selling their homes and moving. Historically, the months between March and June are typically the strongest "selling" months of the year. This is due to a number of reasons. To begin with, everything blooms and instantly our yards transform into a Crayola box of colors. In addition, the benefits of extra daylight hours and generally better weather offer more opportunities for potential buyers to go out and look at homes.

Along with Mother Nature's welcome assistance, there are some relatively inexpensive items in and around the house that can be done, and will go a long way towards enhancing marketability and value. Most of these actually have a very high dollar for dollar return on investment, and can, in a lot of cases be accomplished by the homeowners. There's no better return on investment the good old sweat equity.

Let's take a tour around the house, beginning with that nice new spring green yard. First, I'd like to point out that home sellers have two opportunities to capture the average buyers, beginning with the drive-by curb appeal of the yard. So enhance the green grass, the shrubs, and the trees with some pruning and trimming. Add complimenting colors by sprinkling in assorted flowers. Put a fresh seal on the driveway, and power wash the siding, desks, patios,, and sidewalks. Spruce up the mailbox as needed. Make sure the roof, fences, gates, and outbuildings are in good repair. Finally, clear all gutters and downspouts of debris. Also. for those who own homes with private wells and septic systems, have them inspected and serviced as necessary.

Once you've captured that prospective buyer with your stunning yard, they're going to come indoors. So let's be ready. Is the entrance way exterior inviting and well maintained? When we open the door and step inside, is the area well lit, uncluttered, and aroma free? This is the spot where we want that second "WOW" reaction and we want the buyers to start thinking about how the possibility of your home becoming their home.

Here's a little interior check-off list to help complete the makeover in preparation for the sale of your home. First of all, keep in mind that you're trying to appeal to as many people as possible. Therefore, "neutral" is generally the key word. The color of the walls and the carpets should be as neutral as possible. This allows buyers with furnishings of contrasting colors to be able to move in without having to replace things. Some walls and carpets may require sprucing up. Hardwood floors, titles, and grouts, kitchen cabinets and countertops should always sparkle. By he way, clean those windows and let the sun shine in!

The last things we should look at are the functional features of the house. Is the HVAC (heating and Air Conditioning System) up to date in servicing? Has the sump pump been checked recently? Are all appliances that will convey with the sale of the home in good working order?

Keep in mind that individual homes may require more or less preparation to be ready for sale. Making these improvements will guarantee a quicker sale for your home. This is where the objective opinion of a realtor can be useful. For more information on this and other related topics, Check my website at

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