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10 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Finding yourself scrambling to buy those last minute Holiday gifts for the important people in your life? Thinking of stuffing some bills into a card and calling it a day? Continue reading below to discover 10 amazing last minute gifts everyone will love.

1. Electric Car Blanket- Nothing like waking up first thing in the morning for your commute to work & walking out to a frosted over windshield and freezing cold temperatures. Warm up quick with a heated blanket that plugs into your car port.[artid|10055.g.4079[src|[ch|[lt|sale

2. Olay Mask Stick- Holidays can be stressful... Relax with a clay mask in stick form. Less of a mess, all of the glory.[artid|10055.g.4079[src|[ch|[lt|

3. Egged On- Become the cool Aunt/Uncle with this game that will keep the children laughing for hours.[artid|10055.g.4079[src|[ch|[lt|

4. Spa Gift Card- Who doesn't love the idea of a day of relaxation and luxury? Look up local spas in your area and purchase a gift card for a massage/facial package.

5. French Press- For the coffee enthusiast in your life. This french press is the absolute dream boat for anyone who enjoys their fresh brew each morning. Making 8 cups of coffee in just FOUR minutes.... What is not to love?

6. Personalized Wallets- A present your father, spouse, family member, or friend will love. Customize a leather wallet with up to 160 characters inside.

7. Tile Mate- Know someone in your life who is constantly misplacing/losing items of importance? Here are some key features for the 'Tile'- Ring your things: Use your smartphone to make your Tile Mate ring when it’s nearby but out of sight.Find your phone: Can't find your phone? Simply double press the Tile button on your Tile Mate to make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent.Activate Community Find: If your Tile Mate is faraway, let other Tile community members help. The Tile app running on their phones can send location updates to your app. Perfect, thoughtful gift they won't be able to replace.

8. Tabletop Pool- Who doesn't love a game of mini pool? This tabletop billiards game is good for all ages and is guaranteed fun.

9. Brain Teasing Money Puzzle for Gift Cards- Have a trickster in the family? Someone who loves to wrap a tiny trinket into 20 different sized boxes? Gift the gift of payback with this puzzle that encloses their gift. In order for them to receive their enclosed gift card they must FIRST complete the brain puzzle. Muahaha.

10. Blue Light Blocking Glasses- Know someone who works on the computer or is constantly playing on their phone? Blue light is in every electronic we use on a daily basis and is proven to be harmful in MANY ways. Gift these Blue Light Blocking Glasses, their headaches will thank you later.

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