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Aftermath of Hurricane Florence, Outer Banks.

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

*** First and foremost, I would like to begin this blog and state that in no way am I taking away from the strength and power of Hurricane Florence. Although the Outer Banks was left pretty much unscathed, numerous other counties and cities were not. Have you ever heard/seen the saying "Although she is little, she is fierce"? This fits perfectly for Hurricane Florence. Making landfall as just a Category 1 and coming in almost directly into Wilmington, NC. This storm was predicted to be anywhere from a Category 3 or 4, and although she wasn't nearly as strong as meteorologists thought, she has left her mark for years to come. Sending prayers to ANYONE affected by Mother Nature. Residents here on the Outer Banks have set up multiple places for donations for the thousands affected. ***

There has been some talk going around about what this means for us home owners, residents, and vacationers down here on the Outer Banks.. But aside from some minimal beach erosion and tolls to our dune lines down in Hatteras/Ocracoke(very common with storms) we were one of the very and I mean VERY lucky ones to escape the path of Florence.

To all affected... "Wait for the calm after the storm. Wait for the peace to return once more."

To donate click on: or google local donation centers for Florence relief.

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