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Beach Nourishment Construction Update July 22, 2019

Beach Nourishment Construction Update 

Due to impending bad weather from a cold front expected to impact our area Tuesday, the Dredge Liberty Island will take advantage of the weather window to sail to Norfolk tonight for maintenance work. The dredge is expected to return to the project late in the day on Tuesday, July 23 or early on Wednesday, July 24 . You can track the Liberty Island's position at

When the dredge returns to the project, it will connect to the submerged line located near Mile Post 16 (about the 7100 block of South Virginia Dare Trail, just north of Jennette's Pier). Construction will return to about the 6900 block of South Virginia Dare Trail and progress north to tie into the already built beach in the 6500 block of South Virginia Dare Trail.

As background, construction typically progresses 5,000 feet on each side (north and south) of a submerged line that connects to a dredge offshore. Once construction has been completed 5,000 feet in each direction, work will then move to another submerged line and the process will begin over again. 

Installation of sand fencing and sprigging is still underway at Spencer Street, which is near the 9600 block of South Old Oregon Inlet Road at about Mile Post 19.5. The stabilization project is progressing south to the town line at Mile Post 21 and then will progress north from Juncos Street to finish the remaining beach nourishment project area. 

When visiting the beach, use caution in this area so as not to step on the newly installed fencing or the delicate plantings. Please be sure to use the pathways that are being created for access to the beach. Successful sand stabilization is critical to holding our delicate shoreline in place, so we need to treat the new fencing and sprigging with care.   

Several parking spaces at the Juncos Street public beach access are being used by the sand fencing/sprigging contractor, but the access remains open.  

The Forrest Street public beach access near Mile Post 15.5 remains closed to parking, however pedestrians may still use the access.

The project is still expected to be complete in late August or early September. 

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