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Beach Nourishment Update

An update from the Town of Nags Head - 3/22/19

Beach Nourishment Update

Improvements Today for a Better Beach Tomorrow

The Town met with its beach nourishment dredging contractor, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock on March 14, 2019, for a pre-construction meeting.

Great Lakes representatives said they plan to start mobilizing equipment in mid to late March and hope to begin construction in mid to late April. Two of the company's hopper dredges, the Ellis Island and Liberty Island, will work the project.

The Ellis Island, the first dredge on site, will start working in the vicinity of Mile Post 20, and after progressing south to the end of the project area near Mile Post 21, the vessel will then move north.

The Liberty Island will begin working in early to mid-May. At this time, Great Lakes expects the dredge to begin working in the north end of the project area, around Mile Post 11 and will proceed south to eventually meet with the Ellis Island.

Great Lakes representatives said they expect construction to take 90-120 days, depending upon weather and continued equipment operation.

Please keep in mind this is a very preliminary schedule and it is likely to change.

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