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Bonner Bridge Delays

*Sigh* Due to the unforeseen weather patterns and storms throughout the fall, the Bonner Bridge opening is delayed yet again. The new span of bridge was scheduled to open before the end of 2018 but now it is looking like February or March before the big reveal. Even though the bridge itself is complete, there are numerous finishing touches that need to be made before traffic will be allowed to cross. Some of these finishing touches include electric lines and internet cables that are in the process of being moved from the old bridge to the new bridge. Once the bridge is complete, it may open in one-lane stages. For example, one direction of traffic will be directed to the new bridge while the other lane is worked on, while traffic in the opposite direction (north or south) will be directed to the old, current Bonner Bridge. Project managers are working on the grand opening celebration, and the specifics of the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Once the new bridge is open, crew workers will then move to the old Bonner Bridge for removal. Leaving approximately 1,000 feet of the existing structure behind. This portion of the bridge will be open to pedestrians and fishermen, and the rail itself will be updated to be more pedestrian friendly. The project altogether will be complete late 2019, which includes approximately 10 months for the demolition of the old bridge.

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