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Jockey's Ridge State Park Sand Project

With the constant moving dunes, much of the homes and structures on Soundside Road are beginning to be over taken by sand. Because of that, Contractor Hatchell Inc. of Manteo will begin performing the work to move 140,000 cubic yards of sand that’s expected to take 120 days, working mostly between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The project has been budgeted at $1 million, according to a representative from the state park system.The sand is to be relocated from near the access from Soundside Road to the northwest corner of the park near the main access on Carolista Drive, according to the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation. Dump trucks will travel on Soundside Road and U.S. 158 in order to transport the sand during the work. About 3,000 cubic yards of sand is to be used to re-nourish the area near Soundside Beach access, which will likely be closed periodically.

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