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Mid-Currituck Bridge

For years there has been talk about the proposed Mid-Currituck Bridge. The estimated 440 million dollar bridge would alleviate congestion-especially in the summer months between the mainland and the Outer Banks. After years and years of back and forth delays there may actually be a beginning in sight. The record of decision was issued Summer of '18 so let's hope and pray that this bridge finally comes to a start. This will be a blessing to many locals who have to deal with the prolonged delays each and every summer. The 7 mile toll project includes a two-lane bridge that spans the Currituck Sound and connects the Currituck County mainland to the Outer Banks. It also includes a second two-lane bridge that spans Maple Swamp on the Currituck County mainland, connecting Aydlett to U.S. 158. This bridge will make the Outer Banks more easily accessible for Virginia, as well as numerous other communities in northeastern North Carolina. Even though there is STILL no estimated start date, we as a community have come a long way since the draft Environmental Impact Statement was signed in 2010.

Estimated Start Date: TBD

Estimated Completion Date: TBD

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