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Mortgage Help Provided by Homesnap

Are you a government worker/contractor being affected by the shutdown? Do you know someone being affected by the shutdown? Homesnap is an online database that helps individuals like YOU find the perfect home and now... they're helping people stay in them too. If you're a government worker/contractor share what your home means to you... Simply snap a photo, take a snap-chat video, and then upload to any social media outlet. Make sure to use the hashtags #MyHomeMeans and #ShutdownStories when sharing by January 31st. Also, make sure you tag Homesnap so they're able to see your submission.

Homesnap will then select 10 stories at random, and will generously pay your mortgage or rent for the month of February.

Homesnap has also provided an additional resource list, click on the link below for full details.


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