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Oregon Inlet Bridge Opening!

Due to mild weather, the checklist for the opening of the new and VERY anticipated Oregon Inlet Bridge is growing increasingly smaller. NCDOT Engineer Jerry Jennings recently stated "It's now down to a matter of days." NCDOT and local officials are now planning for an informal community day on February 9th, to celebrate the opening of the new bridge. Traffic is expected to be routed in the approaching days following the event. Contractors are now finalizing guardrails and expansion joints while electricians finish attaching power lines to the new structure. Once finished, workers will add the finishing paint lane markings and traffic will be shifted. This is an exciting monumental moment for everyone here on the Outer Banks. Beginning in March 2016, the bridge hasn't always been an easy task for workers with multiple storms, and inclement weather. I think it's safe to say almost everyone, if not everyone is ready for the grand opening.

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