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Pirates Cove Offshore Charter Boats

Pirates Cove is home to some of the finest and most experienced charter fleets in the world. 15 boats are available daily for Gulf Stream Charter.

Offshore Fishing

Starting at 5am daily, these charters will take you 30-50 miles offshore for some of the best fishing in the game. Tuna, dolphin, wahoo, and marlin are just to name a few.

Salt Weapon $2,100.00 Cash or Check, $2170.00 Credit Card- Ran by Capt. Dennis Endee with over 20 years of offshore fishing experience. Fishing off the NC coast for the past 15 years and winter fishing in the Bahamas. Completely remodeled in 2012, the 'Salt Weapon' is a 56 foot Paul Mann Custom Sport fisher. She is loaded with the latest and best electronics including satellite television. This boat is equipped for comfort cruising at 30 knots and the true all weather fishing machine.

Carly A $2,000.00 Cash or Check, $2070.00 Credit Card- Ran by Capt. Johnathan Weiss with over 20 years experience offshore fishing from the North East Canyons to the South Eastern offshore fishing grounds. Carly A's roomy cockpit offers three chairs for not only fishing but to sit and enjoy the fast, dry voyage to the fishing grounds. This 57 foot custom Carolina fishing machine is also equipped with three A/Cs to keep cool on even the hottest summer days. The Carly A is also equipped with tournament grade tackle and the most upgraded electronics.

Country Girl $2100.00 Cash or Check, $2170.00 Credit Card- Ran by Capt. Charles Foreman with decades of offshore experienced. Country Girl is a 57 foot machine custom built by the local legend Capt. Buddy Cannady. Country Girl is the only charter boat in the fleet that holds a Coast Guard license to take MORE than six passenger at a time.

Desperado $2100.00 Cash or Check, $2170.00 Credit Card- Ran by Capt. Rob Barker this beautiful 56 foot Taylor Made boat is equipped with the latest electronics and fishing tackle. In the salon, you will find yourself surrounded by amenities including satellite television and radio, refrigerator, microwave and ice maker, and a large shower and head. With a cruising speed of 26 knots and a max speed of 33 knots Captain Rob invites you to join him on the bridge at any time during the trip. Captain Rob Barker has spent as much time on the water as he could his entire life, gaining his fishing license at the age of 18.

EndorFin $2100.00 Cash or Check, $2170.00 Credit Card- Ran by Capt. Brian Leonard 'Endorfin' is a Custom Carolina built in Wanchese, NC by Irving Forbes. Powered by twin CAT Diesel engines this baby tops out at 32 knots and cruises comfortably at 28 knots to take you to the fishing grounds promptly. The cockpit features a Pompanette Fishing Chair, ice machine, and a big fish box. Using all Shimano Reels and Crowder Rods along with the experience of Capt. Jim Ashley and mate Derek Nelson, these two will do their best to put you on the fish.

Haphazard $2200.00 Cash or Check, $2270.00 Credit Card- Ran by Capt. Joey Belton who has been working on the ocean for nearly 14 years. Fishing almost all of the tournaments along the east court, Belton has traveled to Mexico, The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and also Costa Rica to chase the fish. Haphazard is a 60 foot Holton with an over-sized cockpit with THREE fighting chairs, a luxurious gallery, 40' flat screen satellite TV, and features state of the art electronics. Equipped with two C-18 1,000 HP engines this beauty cruises up to 30 knots to get you offshore quickly to the big game fish. The Haphazard has recently added a Seakeeper 9 Gyro Stabilizer to its list of many amenities.

Hog Wild $2100.00 Cash or Check, $2170.00 Credit Card- Ran by Capt. Jim Horning this 55 foot Carolina Sport Fisher crafted by Paul Mann is a guaranteed trip of a lifetime. Horning has over 27 years of experience offshore fishing and is passionate about the sport today as he was when he first started. With a guaranteed laugh and a smooth ride to the grounds Horning will do his best to make sure you catch the big game.

Instigator $2100.00 Cash or Check, $2170.00 Credit Card- Ran by Capt. Josh Wentling, Instigator is a professionally maintained custom-built 57 foot Carolina sport fishing boat. With her twin diesel engines this boat is both powerful and extremely fast promising less time boat riding and more time fishing. Equipped with the latest and highest quality marine electronics for not only your safety but for the ultimate fishing success. Instigator is completely rigged with all the comforts of home including air conditioning, microwave oven, refrigerator, DVD, stereo system, hot and cold shower, and even has soft comfortable bunks for your crew.

Marlin Gull $2,000.00 Cash or Check, $2070.00 Credit Card- Ran by Capt. Kenny Midgett. Midgett has been fishing offshore since he was 14 years old, and has been a captain for the last 5 years. Marlin Gull is a 55 foot Sport Fisher built by Capt. Buddy Cannady with a 1000 HP 3412 CAT that pushes this beauty at a smooth 25 knot cruising speed. Equipped with the latest electronics, microwave, TV, VCR, ice maker, heat and air conditioning, and a CD player.

Obsession $2100.00 Cash or Check, $2170.00 Credit Card- After 15 years as a marine biologist Capt. Jeff Ross, owner of the fishing vessel Obsession has operated a full time charter boat in the gulf stream and Outer Banks since 1995. Obsession is a 55 foot custom Carolina style sport fisher. Featuring state of the art electronics, a large salon, a giant tuna chair, and two additional fighting chairs.

Sandra D $2250.00 Cash or Check, $2320.00 Credit Card- Ran by Capt. Mike Merritt this 58 foot Custom Carolina was built in 2008. Powered with twin 1,050 HP C-18 CAT engines, the boat will quickly and comfortably take you out to the fishing grounds. Merritt began fishing off the Outer Banks in the late 1960's alongside some of the best original fisherman to explore the waters off Oregon Inlet. Competing in tournaments all over the wold Capt. Merritt has over 15 recorded first place wins and has also placed on the leader's board many times. Sandra was completely redone in 2013 and holds the most modern electronics and luxurious interior.

Sea Toy $2300.00 Cash or Check, $2370.00 Credit Card- Obtaining his US Coast Guard Captain License at just 18 years old Capt. Bull Tolson is here and ready to take you on a trip you won't forget. The Sea Toy is a 59 foot Spencer built in 2008 with a unique hull design for one of the smoothest rides on the sea.

Spray $2,000.00 Cash or Check, $2070.00 Credit Card- Capt. Harold Smith has over 40 years of boat handling and fishing experience guaranteeing a spectacular day at sea. The Spray is a 61 foot Guthrie fully equipped custom Sport fisher built by the legendary Master Boat Builders in Harkers Island, NC. This vessel has the latest electronics and infrared imaging for foggy weather and a luxurious salon for extended comfort.

Tenacity $2100.00 Cash or Check, $2170.00 Credit Card- Capt. Tom Baer went on his very first offshore fishing trip at the early age of five and has been chasing the big game ever since. Tom is a licensed captain and has been fishing up and down the East Coast of the United States, the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, and the Central Pacific. Tenacity is a stunning 60 foot custom Carolina equipped with twin V12 1200 HP engines and cruises at a comfortable 32 knots. Tenacity is outfitted with state of the art electronics including satellite TV and radio. Tenacity also features a beautiful, spacious salon and gallery, two full baths, a stateroom, v-berth, and companionway bunks.

Waste Knot $2,000.00 Cash or Check, $2070.00 Credit Card- Born and raised on the Outer Banks and beginning his career in charter fishing as a teenager, Capt. Barry Sawyer will go out of his way to make sure you are satisfied. With over 30 years of successful offshore fishing, Barry runs this eye-catching 56 foot Sonny Briggs that was built in 2009, equipped with two C-18 Cat Engines running with 2,000 HP. Waste Knot's interior features satellite TV, AC, Heat, microwave, and refrigerator. Getting you to the fishing grounds quick this Carolina Built hull will give you one of the most comfortable rides on the East Coast.

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